Microsoft Calendar Gadget, Elegance and Simplicity

This is one my favorite gadgets, because of its simplicity and style. It resembles those wall calendars featuring the date, but also an overview of the whole month. The simple calendar gadget ... Screenshot / Download

Volume Control gadget

Volume Control is a nice, small and free gadget you can have on your desktop to see the current volume level, change it, even open easily the Windows Sound Mixer (by double clicking the ... Screenshot / Download

Motivate your day with the Inspirational Gadget

Open your day to inspiration, stimulate your thinking concentrating on important pieces of text, enjoying this very well made, free and light desktop gadget, the Inspirational ... Screenshot / Download

Black Glass CPU RAM monitors

This is a well designed and very convenient gadget if you need to monitor your CPU and RAM use. The gadget features two black and shiny (glass) clocks, one for the CPU and another one for your ... Screenshot / Download

To Do List, a light and free desktop gadget

To Do List will let you add up to 15 tasks, ideas or anything you need to remember. The gadget allows you to check (mark) a task after you finish it, or uncheck it. Run the .gadget file to start ... Screenshot / Download

Free Sticky Desktop Notes Gadget

Desktop Notes is a free gadget you can use to write something you need to remember, an idea or task, etc. This is not a complex gadget, on the contrary, it is extremely simple. The gadget will let ... Screenshot / Download